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Step 2: Customize Options

Get maximum value from your Shorty account by upgrading to premium support & lifetime software updates.


Lifetime Updates

Rest easy knowing that you have the latest and baddest version of Shorty rocking your WordPress blog. Or you can choose to pay for updates after your first year if you need to use the latest version.


1-On-1 Support

We prioritize your emails and chats to get you started faster and solve any problems you may have. We can schedule a Skype call with you, and you can share your screen with us.


Sales Funnel Setup

Let our experts setup your goals, conversion tracking and retargeting so you don’t have to sweat over the technical stuff. Start your marketing campaigns faster than ever before.


Import Your Data

We help you import your links and data from other tracking software so you’ll never have to re-create anything again. Need help to import commission reports on a regular basis? We’re standing by.

Shorty Agency

Standard Support
  • Additional 12-Month Support & Updates for $67*
  • Standard Email & Chat Support
  • Complete Video Tutorials
  • Unlimited Domains License

* Your first year of standard support & updates is included. You only need to pay for support & updates after your first year. This is 100% optional, and you can continue to use your version of Shorty as usual if you do not need the latest updates. You do not need to create automatic subscriptions today! Note: The actual yearly fee may increase as we add more features.


Got Questions?

Click on the items to get a detailed explanation. Or hit the chat icon at the bottom of your screen to get instant answers!

What are the minimum requirements?

The minimum requirements are WordPress 4.4.0, PHP version 5.3, and IonCube 4 Loader v4.7.5 for PHP. If you have the latest version of WordPress and you're on decent hosting, you should be fine.

Is this a WordPress plugin?

Yes it is! You can use Shorty with any self-hosted WordPress blog.

Can I upgrade my license later?

Yes you can upgrade your license at any time from the client area.

What other tools do I need to make this work?

Nothing! You can just upload the ZIP file to your WordPress blog like any other plugin, activate your license, and you're good to go.