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Link tracking is a very important part of your marketing campaigns, especially when you pay for visitors. Link tracking allows you to keep track of your visitors in real time, and analyze your marketing results more effectively.

Link tracking is especially important for affiliate marketers, who do not have access to Google Analytics for the products and merchants they promote. Without proper link tracking software, you’re basically gambling your money away.

There are a few components to effective link tracking, which includes shortening, retargeting and accurate reports. Shorty gives you all of these in a simple, elegant way.

Shorten Your Long Links Easily

Shorty is a WordPress plugin that exists on your hosting account. All you need to do is setup a WordPress blog, and install Shorty. No monthly fees to worry about, which means more money saved for actual marketing.

After installation, all you have to do is enter your long affiliate URLs into Shorty, and shorten it.

You now have a “shorty” link that you can use in all your marketing efforts. When a user clicks on the “shorty” link, we capture important information about the click before redirecting the user to the landing page or final URL.

It all happens in a split second, barely noticeable to the regular end user. But this is so important for a marketer, as you get to know your visitors up-close and personal!

Complete Real-Time Visitor Reports

Shorty shows you in real-time important information about each click. You can see the IP address, country, city, referring traffic source, and any campaign tags you may have attached to your shorty links.

Immediately, you can see the effectiveness of your marketing, and fine-tune it.

Since you are using link tracking instead of promoting the raw URLs, you can go back and edit the destination URL, create a split test for incoming traffic, and a whole lot more.

When you make a sale or generate a lead, you can see the complete trail and timeline that lead to the sale. You can even see a location on the map, and edit the details of the sale for your reports. Each conversion can be tagged with the traffic source and a reference ID to check the actual sale or affiliate commission.

There’s also a bulk import feature that allows you to upload conversion reports in Excel or CSV, making it easy to use Shorty with any sales platform you may rely on.

Retargeting & Remarketing To Your Visitors

One of the interesting features in Shorty is Remarketing. Before the user is redirected to the final URL, you can display remarketing codes from Facebook, AdWords, AdRoll, Perfect Audience, and much more.

Now, you have a secondary source of laser-targeted traffic to promote to.

Every single person who clicks on your links can be remarketed to over and over again via these popular remarketing platforms. All you have to do is create an audience segment in Facebook for example, and run ads specifically for this segment!

Custom Link Tracking for Bing & Google Adwords

With just the click of a button, you can customize your shorty link to be used with Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and almost any type of paid ad service. This feature allows you to manually specify up to 5 parameters.

We give you fully customized URLs that you can just paste into Bing or Google Adwords.

When you make a sale or generate a lead, you can see exactly which ad or keyword it came from.

No other link tracking plugin for WordPress can do this.

Link Tracking: Free Version Vs Paid Version

You can download Shorty Lite from your WordPress dashboard to try it out. The Lite version has all the basic features that allow you to shorten links easily and use them within your WordPress content, or anywhere else you want.

The Lite version also has complete reports so you can delve deeper into your traffic sources and get a much clearer picture of your marketing efforts.

Paid plans start from just $17, and offer more automation features like pixel tracking, postback tracking and uploading of CSV files for conversions. The paid versions also have charts and more advanced traffic distribution features.

Either way, we do hope you give Shorty a try today and see exactly what you’ve been missing out by using the same links shortening services everyone else is using.

If you’re looking for a hosted solution that does not work on WordPress, do try our other application at You can get reliable tracking with zero hassle, and be setup in five minutes.

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