Custom Short Link URL for Tracking – Shorty Custom Domains

With Shorty, you can use a custom domain name that is separate from the installation domain. You can use this if you want to track multiple landing pages that are not a part of your WordPress blog, to provide more anonymity.

You may also want to do this if you need the overall tracking template URL to be much shorter – i.e. a “short URL” like Bitly.

  1. The domain has to be used solely for the purpose of tracking with Shorty. Avoid domains that are already being used for something else. The other option if the domain is already being used is to set up a subdomain, and use the subdomain as the custom tracking domain.
  2. We will use the domain redirect method. In the video I show you an example of using Namecheap, and redirecting the whole domain. If you want to just redirect a sub-domain, you can use a similar method. However if the domain is already used on a host, you have to create the subdomain and redirects in the host management software, Cpanel or Plesk for example.
  3. The new custom domain will be used for the links and campaigns only. In effect, the custom domain you will setup will act as a redirect. Your links will be using it, but the conversion codes and postback / s2s codes will not. This is to avoid cookie issues for third-party domains.

So here’s how the actual tracking will work when someone clicks on your custom-domain-branded links:

Custom Link > WordPress Script URL > Landing Page

The whole process happens very fast, so the end-user is unlikely to notice the redirect to the WordPress URL where the actual Shorty script is installed. We have considered other options like CNAMEs, but from our experience most users have a hard time doing CNAME changes.

We believe this domain redirect method gives our users what they want – a spanky-looking URL – while making sure the actual tracking works flawlessly.

WordPress Link Cloaking Plugin – Shorty Options

In this video, I want to explain the full capabilities of Shorty, and why we think that it’s the best WordPress link cloaking plugin.

Some of the features I explain here:

  • Using a prefix for tracking – Adding a prefix will help avoid conflicts with other WordPress plugins, or posts and pages that share the same URL.
  • Using a custom domain – With Shorty, you do not NEED to use the same domain as your WordPress blog. Not everyone has a short WordPress blog URL, and as a result you cannot have short cloaked links as well. You can register your own domain name, and use it for your tracking. I will explain more about this in a separate video.
  • Uptime monitoring – You can se how often you want Shorty to test your links and determine if they are offline. Unless you have a very powerful server, you can just leave this at the default settings of 10 minutes. When a site you are promoting is not accessible within the 10-minute window, you will receive a notification from Shorty
  • Currencies – Shorty allows you to set your own currency, while most WordPress cloaking plugins allow US dollar only.
  • Duplicate ClickID handling – This determines how your conversions should be treated. If you want to track multiple conversions, you can set it here to count duplicate conversions with the same click ID.
  • Duplicate reference ID handling – A reference ID can be passed to Shorty to make sure you do not count duplicate conversions. I highly recommend that you use a unique ID (transaction or, invoice number etc) to ensure you record conversions accurately.
  • User access levels – This allows you to have multiple users for Shorty, tied to the WordPress user management and roles. I will also explain about this in a separate video.
  • Viral bar – You can customize the appearance of the bar that appears in cloaked affiliate links.
  • Advance settings – Lots of options to help you tailor your tracking to match Google Analytics or other software you may be using. When you set this up correctly, there will not me much difference between the data you get in Shorty, and any other link tracking or cloaking platform.

There are more videos for you in the tutorials section, from the most basic to intermediate stuff. We also have blog posts for specific examples with different affiliate platforms.

If you do not have a copy of Short yet, go ahead and read why Shorty is the best WordPress cloaking plugin for marketers..

Link Shortening & Redirects – Shorty Overview

In this video, I want to give you an overview of Shorty, and how it works. Basically, Shorty is a WordPress plugin for shortening long affiliate links, and redirecting links while capturing lots of important data that the affiliate networks do not provide.

There are three core features:

  1. Cloaking – “Cloaking” is just another term most people use for redirects. When you cloak a link, you shorten it and get a “redirect link” from Shorty that you can use in your campaigns. All traffic that is passed through your “redirect link” or “cloaked link” get tracked by Shorty. Important information like date, time, IP, country, city and device is collected automatically.
  2. Conversions – The second part of the puzzle is conversion tracking. Shorty helps you track sales, leads and affiliate commissions on your WordPress blog, partner sites, as well as all the major affiliate networks. With tools like SubID tracking, pixel codes and postback or S2S, it’s easy to tracks your results across many different sites and platforms.
  3. Reporting – All that data is useless unless you can view it in the form of meaningful reports. Shorty gives you tons of reports, from overall performance to the performance of an individual link. With these, you can fine tune your marketing and advertising.

In this video, I also explain the Shorty user interface, how to navigate, and how to get to the information you want. For example, how to find a specific conversion in the conversion reports page.

I also give you an overview of the postback tracking and pixel tracking features. Next, I explain about the settings page and give you a short overview of it. Finally, I show you how to enter your Shorty license key and update the licence.

There are more videos in the tutorials section, and we provide full support for you to get started. If you do not have Shorty yet, do take a look at our features, and what makes us the best cloaking plugin for WordPress.