Shorty Tutorials & Tracking Tips

Shorty Overview & Walkthrough

Watch this video first to get an overview of where to find what in Shorty, and understand the general user interface.

If you have not purchased Shorty, you can get your license here. To renew your support, activate your license, change registered domain or upgrade your license, login here.

Settings & Options

In this video I show you how to configure Shorty beyond the default (recommended) configurations.

Perhaps the most important thing here is setting your tracking domain. I recommend not using the root URL – use a subfolder like /go/ or /recommended/ instead to avoid conflicts with other plugins and pages or posts.

Using Custom Domains

You can easily add a branding domain in shorty to get a shorter URL, instead of using your blog’s actual URL as part of your tracking link. In this video I show you how to setup a custom domain in NameCheap, and the limitations of your custom domain.


Create a Tracking Link

It all starts with a tracking link, which will shorten, cloak and redirect your visitors to the URL you actually want to take them to.

Watch this video where I explain how to create a basic link, as well as a cloaked link, and how to view your stats.

Viral Link Cloaking

Link cloaking allows you to hide the landing page URL from your visitors, and display your tracking link URL instead.

Watch this video where I explain how to setup a cloaked link properly to control its appearance in social media sites, and how a cloaked link can help you get extra traffic.

Automatic Keyword to Link Conversion

With Shorty you can instantly monetize your older blog posts and pages. Turn on the keyword conversion feature, and enter relevant keyword for each tracked link.

Our system will figure out which keywords to convert, and even automatically rotate converted links on every enabled page or post, allowing you to siphon traffic to your latest promotions.

Split Testing & URL Rotator

Shorty can rotate traffic to multiple URLs, and track the conversions from those individual URLs.

Combined with our pixel code for conversion tracking, you can use this feature to spli test affiliate offers and landing pages.

Pixel Code to Track Conversions

Shorty allows you to track conversions for sales and leads (more options coming in the near future).

It starts with understanding your funnel and what you want to track. Then, you have to create “Thank You” pages for each goal. In this video, I show you how to add those pages in Shorty and start tracking the conversion, conversion rates and the conversion timeline for your goals.

Tracking Affiliate SubIDs & Commissions

Shorty can help you track affiliates sales and commissions in JVZoo, Shareasale, ClickBank, LinkShare, Commission Junction, and much more. It also works with platforms like HasOffers or iDevAffiliate.

You just need to make sure your affiliate platform supports “tid” or “sub ID” tracking. Most affiliate networks allow this. Some allow up to 5 sub IDs, but you really only need one.

Manual Add / Import Commissions

For affiliate netwrks or platforms that do not allow you to place a pixel code or postback URL, you can manually add commissions or import a CSV / text file.

In this video I show you how to do an import, but do refer to the articles below for specific ad networks.

Track Your Ads & PPC Costs

Once you have setup goals and tracking links, you should start creating campaigns for tracking specific ads.

Shorty can help you track PC ads (Adwords, FaceBook), email clicks, solo emails, and almost any type of ad that involves a click.

Use the Campaign feature to get better reports, a deeper understanding of your marketing, and maximize your profitability.

Geo-IP, Uptime, Click Limiter, Expiration & Other Automation

In this video I show you how our automation features work.

Learn how to monitor the uptime of your link, redirect based on country, set an expiration timer to your links and also a click limiting feature.

Use these automation features to get more revenue from your traffic.

Add & Manage Multiple Users

** For certain plans only.

You can add and manage multiple user access to Shorty. Control who gets to read reports, add links, import data, and delete or remove data,.

You can also give full administrator access, and manage your marketing team’s roles.

Affiliate Tracking & Integration

Shareasale Postback / S2S Tracking Implementation

I've always wondered whe I needed to upload commission reports manually for Shareasale when I want to track conversions in Shorty. Surely they must have a better way? A postback or pixel feature maybe? Searching their help articles, I found no mention of a postback,...

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CueLinks Conversion Tracking for Affiliate Marketers

Cuelinks conversion tracking is possible with Shorty, and works very similar to Clickbank conversion tracking. At the core, Cuelinks supports SubID tracking, using the "uid" parameter. With this simple feature, and the import features in Shorty, you can tracks your...

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Postback URL & Postback Tracking Explained

What is a Postback URL and how can it help you become a better marketer? In this post I'm going to give you an overview of postback URLs, postback tracking, and how to get started with our postback tracking software for WordPress. When it comes to tracking sales in...

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Tracking Pixels Explained – The Basics & Advanced Stuff

One of the most basic forms of tracking a conversion is the use of tracking pixels. It's crude, old-school, and yet almost everyone relies upon tracking pixels even today. Even Facebook uses tracking pixels for their ad network. You've probably already seen that and...

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SubID Tracking & How To Use It

Ah, the world of affiliate marketing... so much hype, so little facts! As an affiliate, you should be aware that you are always at the losing end of the deal unless you have your own tracking data. What most affiliates are not aware of is that even the older affiliate...

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Peerfly Conversion Tracking with Postback URL

Tracking your Peerfly affiliate conversions with third party software like Shorty is easy, thanks to their postback URL & postback testing features. There are only  a few simple steps involved, and once you set it up as a global setting, you never have to fiddle...

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JVZoo TID Affiliate Conversion Tracking

JVZoo is a popular affiliate platform for Internet Marketers, with its constant revolution of product launches, POTDs (Product of The Day) and instant commission payments via PayPal. But when it comes to reports and stats, just like most other older affiliate...

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Shareasale SubID Conversion Tracking for Affiliates

As you know, passing a Sub ID parameter along with your affiliate links is an effective (or rather the only available) way to keep track of your earnings using third party software. In Shareasale, the Sud ID parameter is "afftrack", and you can pass it into all your...

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