We always get asked, “Can I track conversions based on a subscriber’s email address?”. The answer is YES. Here I want to show you how to do it within a few steps.

First, make sure you have an email provider that allows you to pass on the subscriber’s email address to the email content using tokens. I use Aweber, and I highly recommend them. I believe most email providers will allow you to do this.

Second, make sure you have a Shorty plugin installed and working on your WordPress blog.

Step 1: Find the Email Address Token

Email Conversion Tracking In this example from Aweber, the token for email address is {email}. Your token may be different.

Step 2: Use The Token In a Shorty Link

In the links table, click on “Customize” and enter all the tracking variables you want. I entered the token {email} as the “Content”. You can do this differently, but keep your method consistent to get proper reports later.

Shorty Custimize Link

Shorty Custimize Link

That gives me a customized link like this:


Avoid using space in your tracking variables. Always use a dash or underscore to connect two words.

Step 3: Use the Shorty Link in Your Email

Now you can use the long customized link in a text email, or in an HTML email. By using a hyperlink you can hide all the tracking information.

Email Marketing Hyperlink

Email Conversion Tracking with Aweber

As you can see a hyperlinked text is much neater. You can also hyperlink a button or image.

Next, save the email and test it. Send yourself a text email from the email marketing software. It should replace the token {email} with your own email address.

Please make sure the token is properly converting to an actual value before sending out to all subscribers.

Step 4: Analyze Reports for Conversions

Shorty Reports

When a conversion happens, the email address will show up in the conversion details. You can also view the correct graph page for totals. In this case since I used the “Content” variable, I should check under the “Content” sub-report or the main “aweber” variable that I used as the “Source”.

As you click-through you will see the drill-down reports, with the breadcrumbs on top. When I get to the correct “Content” report, I should see the email addresses that have clicked on my tracking link, as well as the conversion.

Shorty Reports

It’s really that simple. You don’t actually need to login to Shorty and create another link when you want to create variations.

The “Customize” button is there to help you figure out how to format the long tracking link. However, it’s just a matter of substituting variables with proper syntax.

For example, when I send out another email for Christmas, I can re-use the same email content and link, substituting the relevant variable:


The value in red is the only thing I changed. Just make sure you do not have spaces, and do not omit the & or = as these are required for proper syntax.

I hope this article has helped you figure out how to track conversions from your email subscribers, using their email address and your service provider. If you don’t have an email marketing tool yet, I recommendAweber.