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Shorten, cloak & automate affiliate links


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Visitor logs & detailed conversion reports


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wordpress cloaking

Shorten, Track & Split Test

Transform long, ugly affiliate links into short tracking links with your own domain name. Split test different landing pages, affiliate offers and rotate your traffic!

subid tracking

Affiliate SubID Tracking

Automatically add unique SubID tracking data by selecting your affiliate network. No need to fiddle with tokens, no manual configuration needed.

geographic redirect

Custom Geo-IP Redirect

Automatically redirect visitors based on their geographic location & IP address, perfect to maximize your income from promoting CPA offers.

keyword conversion

Turn Blog Keywords Into Links

Automatically convert keywords on any post, page or comment into a tracked affiliate link, driving sales and commissions instantly. Now, even that blog post you wrote three years ago is a revenue stream!

click limit

Click Limit & Link Expiration

Redirect traffic above a certain click limit to a different URL, and set your links to expire automatically on a set date and time. The perfect trick for solo ad marketers!

link downtime alerts

Link Monitoring & Downtime Alerts

Every minute a website you're promoting is offline, you're losing money. Shorty keeps track of all your links and alerts you via email when any of them is down or invalid.


Retargeting & Remarketing on Any Site

Put retargeting codes and FaceBook pixel codes to track your visitors on any website, and run remarketing campaigns to squeeze more profit from your campaigns.

postback url builder

Instant Postback URL Builder

Easily generate postback URLs that you can use with your CPA network, and any affiliate network that allows postback tracking to automatically record affiliate conversions.

import commissions

Import Affiliate Commissions

Easily import commission data in CSV from your favorite affiliate network, and it shows up in your reports. Shorty's unique technology is mind-blowingly simple, and works with all major affiliate networks.

conversion timeline

See Conversion Timeline

Get incredible insights into each sale, lead or affiliate commission you generate. Our unique timeline report lets you see the trail of your visitor, from the first click to the latest purchase.

link tracking

User Access Levels

Control who can see what based on the user levels on your WordPress blog. Easily work with a team to add and update links and campaigns, while hiding confidential data.

link tracking reports

Country, City & Mobile Reports

Track all your affiliate promotions, PPC ads, solo emails, forum signatures, banner ads and more in one central dashboard. Easily see your best traffic sources, visitors, revenue, cost, profit and ROI.

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Automate conversion tracking with SubIDs, affiliate pixels and our postback URL builder.

affiliate networks

Works with your favorite retargeting platforms.

Just copy and paste your pixel codes, and remarket to anyone who clicked on your cloaked links.

remarketing networks

Big in features, even bigger in reliability.

Time-tested and proven to work, with accurate data and complete tracking flexibility.

Made for WordPress

Works on any self-hosted WordPress blog, without the need for additional plugins, add-ons or scripts. No time wasted learning a new platform.

100% Reliable Data

The last thing you want is to have inaccurate data that you just can’t trust. Our tracking system has been time-tested and one of the most accurate around.

Constantly Evolving

Online marketing is constantly evolving. Unlike our competitors, we pledge to constantly improve Shorty in terms of speed, efficiency, compatibility and features.

No Click Limits

No limits on your clicks or conversions, no silly expiry dates. Your data is stored on your own server, forever. Complete data privacy and ownership.

Easy to Use

Shorty looks great and works great out of the box. It is easy to intuitive, fast and easy to use. Of course, we also provide complete video tutorials to help you maximize Shorty.

30 Day Guarantee

Use Shorty risk-free for 30 days, and if you're not satisfied for any reason, we'll refund you everything you've paid so far. No commitment whatsoever.

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Over 35 lectures and 5.5 hours of content!

  • Understand the fundamental basics of affiliate marketing & online marketing
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After taking this course I do believe that I could make money using the strategies taught in this course. It's not an absolute beginner's guide but if you put in the work I feel like this class has value. If you were to use this technique at the very very beginning of the internet you could be making so much money under the radar.

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  • Discover simple but powerful tools that you can use when marketing online
  • Discover different ways to monetize your website, and the advantages of each
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I felt I was just going in circles in developing niche websites. Now, because of this amazing course, I am pointed in the right direction and avoid mistakes. Thank you for this amazing course. I know soon I will be making the passive income I desire to quit my job and be free.

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Complete video tutorials and support included.